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Patty Evers, MA, LPC - Supervisor

My specialties include Adjustment, Parenting and Family Issues, Grief and Loss and Trauma. The two counseling theories that I adhere closest to are Solution-Focused and Existentialism. These theories are very different and the usage of them depends on how deeply the client is ready to go in our time together.

I view my role as a therapist is as one who compassionately listens and reframes stories in a way that assists the client in seeing their potential and making better decisions. I believe that it is the best way to draw on a person's inner qualities and bring them to the forefront.


Education and Licensure

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communications

Bachelor of Arts English, Southwest Texas State University
Master of Arts, Community Counseling, Texas State University
Certified Protective Parenting Educator

Helen Crudup, MA, LPC-Intern

(Supervised by Patty Evers, MA, LPC-S, License #67720)

Counseling is more than a passion, it’s my calling. Through integration of current psychological theory and techniques coupled with a Christian worldview, I will meet you where you are, come alongside you in a safe and supportive environment, through supportive client centered, solution-focused, goal oriented counseling lead you to find answers and relief to your current problem(s) or situation.

I work with individuals (tweens, teens, and adults), couples and families experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, coping skills, life transitions, grief and sorrow, child and adolescent behavioral issues.


Masters of Arts, Professional Counseling, Liberty University

Bachelor of Science Psychology: Christian Counseling/Minor Christian Education, Liberty University


American Counseling Association

American Association of Christian Counselors

Texas Counseling Association

Rasley Easley, MA, LPC Intern

(Supervised by Patty Evers, MA, LPC-S, Lic 67720)

When we experience intense emotions that result from life's stressor, transitions, or past experiences and traumas, it can be difficult to feel hope. We can begin to feel stuck and struggle to see that there is more than this difficult combination of circumstances. I want to be here for you and walk with you as you navigate this journey and help you know that you do not have to do this alone. I work collaboratively with my clients in connecting with their strengths and building a strong positive relationship with themselves and others.

The journey to healing is unique to everyone. Understanding the experience of my clients and how they view the world around them is paramount. I know it can be difficult to choose someone you can trust to collaboratively guide you through this time. I am deeply committed to fostering an environment that promotes safety for individuals with diverse identities and empowers them to build a fulfilling life. I merge my understanding of self-empowerment, cultural knowledge, strength-based work and unconditional positive regard into the healing process.

I bring over a decade of work in the area of trauma with survivors in various social service positions and have now transitioned into a therapeutic role. I value the therapeutic relationship and strive to create a compassionate and warm space to actively work with my clients in navigating their journey and building insight.

I work with individuals, couples and families experiencing adjustment/transitions, anxiety, depression, trauma and grief and loss.

Level 1 Gottman Training

Education & Licensure
Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern

National Certified Counselor
M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Texas State University
B.A. in Psychology, Baylor University
NBCC Fellow


Professional Memberships
American Counseling Association
Chi Sigma Iota
National Board of Certified Counselors

Anne Korinek, MA, LPC Intern

(Supervised by Patty Evers, MA, LPC-S, Lic 67720)

Life can be hard and full of challenges. I believe every person deserves the revelatory experience of therapy to make the journey a little easier. My passion is helping clients strengthen and nurture their most important relationship - the one with themselves. I want you to know and like yourself so that you may foster deeper and more meaningful relationships with those who are important to you and, ultimately, lead a more fulfilling life. During our time together, you will feel understood, cared for and respectfully challenged. My native Austin roots come through in my style: chill, authentic and occasionally funny (hopefully).

I practice from an attachment-based, person-centered framework, meaning that the relationship between myself and my client is one of the central parts of healing. Tailoring the therapy to each individual, I utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques, including cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT), mindfulness and self-compassion practices. When counseling parents and couples, I pull from my knowledge as a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator and my Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

I have experience counseling a diverse range of individuals and particularly enjoy counseling parents, emerging adults, pre- and postpartum women, clients struggling in relationships or life transitions, and those looking to explore the deeper parts of themselves to effect positive change.

​​​​Simran Arora, MA, NCC, LPC Intern

(Supervised by Patty Evers, MA, LPC-S, Lic 67720)

Life can be unpredictable, and at times, feel like an uphill struggle filled with challenges you don't know how to face. Even in these hard moments or seasons of life, I believe you have the strength and resilience to not only get through life's burdens, but to also find a sense of meaning, purpose, and deeper connection with yourself and others. I understand these inner resources can be hard to find on your own. I am here to help you see your strength and ability to face life's challenges so that you can lead a more fulfilling life. My passion is to guide my clients towards making positive changes in all areas of their lives by using therapeutic tools that best suit the individual or family dynamic.

I have experience working with children, teens, young adults and families that are struggling with anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, grief & loss, emotional regulation skills, life transitions, and parenting skills. I guide therapy from a psychodynamic approach so that my clients can gain insight into how past experiences and relationships have shaped their present self, and use CBT, DBT, person-centered, family systems, and mindfulness approaches as additional tools to support clients in uncovering, growing, and incorporating insights and positive changes gained through our work together.

Counseling is a path for growing and healing. Change and transition, while healing, can be overwhelming at first. Simply by being here you are already taking the first step towards helping yourself. Welcome to your journey.  

Education & Licensure

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern
Master of Arts, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, The George Washington University
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology & English, University of Rochester

​​​​David Fornos, Licensed Professional Counselor - Intern

(Supervised by Patty Evers, MA, LPC-S, Lic 67720)

Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and relationship dysfunction can stifle and hide who you really are. You feel inhibited, pressured, and isolated - but throughout it all you know there is still something amazing within you. What's stopping you from truly being yourself both alone and around others? What stops you from knowing how to take care of yourself? This is what I can explore with you. I want to help you shed what is holding you back and illuminate pain that may be keeping you comfortably stagnant. I want the world to meet who you are.

My name is David Fornos and I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor - Intern. I work from a client-centered approach, meaning I emphasize the importance of the therapeutic relationship as the most important factor in creating positive change, and as such I strive to create an atmosphere of nurturance and non-judgment in my sessions. I also like to incorporate elements of Jungian psychotherapy, REBT, and Internal Family Systems into my practice. I believe in emphasizing self-love and self-compassion with my clients and that the ability to love and accept oneself in a mature way is key to positive change in therapy. I am also able to take a systemic perspective in my work, meaning that I can shift focus to treat problems occurring within a family system rather than just within an individual person when necessary.

I have four years' experience working in residential, clinical, and office settings in the treatment of mental health as well as substance abuse for individuals, couples, and families. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from St. Edward's University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Texas State University. I have extensive practice in the field of addiction and have helped people from a wide array of backgrounds and lifestyles create and manage a sustained program of recovery. I've also dedicated myself to helping children and adolescents in my career through a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, and LGBT-related struggles, and I enjoy using play therapy and art-based interventions with younger clients. 

I am currently accepting new individual clients as well as couples and families. I work under the supervision of Patty Evers, LPC-S. 

Eboni Hamilton, LPC Intern

I see strength in each person and I provide a safe space to hold your joy, pain, and fears. Sometimes a gentle hand and a clear mirror for your internal self is all you really need. I specialize in supporting others in their journey toward their best selves and their best hopes using a simple strength-based approach to process and learn.

Well, learning is your divine right and "Know Thy Self " is the motto. You are constantly transforming and evolving in some way so there is always more to be learned… and you can. Whatever you need, we can process your innermost desires and conflicts, carefully walking through them together. Whether this means digging deep or staying on the surface of everyday life, you will not be alone.

I have spent most of my life helping others to grow and process…then I got a phenomenal education and became a licensed counselor! I know first-hand, through helping others and healing myself, how a supportive encouraging space can change our lives; I want you to know as well. Sometimes we just need help and I'm ready when you are!

Currently accepting new clients for virtual counseling

Education and Licensure:

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Intern

Nationally Certified Counselor

Master of Science in Counseling, Southern Methodist University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, The University of Texas at Arlington

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